Your wedding is a celebration of your marriage and your beliefs.
It is a reflection of who you are.
It is your opportunity to display a public declaration of the power of LoVe in your lives

You may not know how to actually get started and that is where we come in.

This begins by contacting us:
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     Upon retaining our services and reserving your date,
 a ceremony package will be sent free of charge.

You can customize a ceremony that fits your personality and beliefs. . If you want a ceremony that is completely unique it is our desire to help you put it together at no extra charge. We have information to help you.
Creating your own ceremony can be a journey that helps you to clarify your two lives joining together in
Friendship ~ Love ~ Compassion 

This is your wedding and you are ultimately the one in charge. 

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How are you arriving at the altar ?

Traditional order of a wedding processional:

The mothers of the bride and groom are seated after all guests are seated, and immediately before the start of the processional music. They are usually escorted to their seats by a brother of the bride or groom, or by another usher.
After they are seated, the Minister/Officiant, groom and best man enter by a side door and wait at the altar.
Groomsmen may also enter by a side door, or can escort the bridesmaids.

The following is the order the attendants come down the isle:

Ring bearer and/or flower girl
Maid or Matron of Honor
The Bride

The bride is escorted by her father or other close male family member or friend. At the front of the aisle, her escort can remain standing with her until the minister asks "Who gives this woman in marriage?" to which he responds "I do," or "Her mother and I do." In such a case, her escort walks with the bride to the front of the aisle, and then takes his seat in the front row.

In all cases, the bride traditionally stands on the left, and the groom on the right. This dates back to medieval times when the groom might need to defend his bride in the middle of the ceremony, and wanted to leave his right hand, his sword hand, free. While few grooms even carry a sword anymore, the tradition has lasted.

Modern versions we have seen at weddings.

Bride and Groom walk down together after the attendants.
Minister, Groom and Groomsmen come down the isle, in that order.
Mother and Father escort the Bride.
Groom escorted by Mother and Father
Unequal numbers of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen.
Groomsmen standing with the Bridesmaids at the altar.
Groom and Best Man seating the mothers on the way to the altar.

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About Rehearsals

If you wish to present a formal and elegant processional that includes a large Bridal Party, with musical cues, seating of honored guests, then you should have a rehearsal.

Your rehearsal should take approximately 60 minutes or so dependent on the size of your wedding party.

Please make sure that everyone will be available and on time.

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