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Reve​rend Susan  - Central

Following the leading of the Lord​​ & some old dreams, 
with my husbands help I started  1st Affordable Weddings & Ministers in 2009.
I believe the spoken word is very powerful - it should be bringing Life & LoVe to your special moment - AND a bit of humor.

Susan is a Non-Denominational Ordained Minister. She loves performing wedding ceremonies "its such an honor to be so near to a couple while they are saying their vows.​​"  My favorite part of the ceremony is the kiss. To me it is the most . ​​sacred part of the ceremony. It is so special I will move out of the way so I am not in the picture

​"I used to think women shouldn't be Ministers until the Lord led me to become ordained after studying for many years.  My relationship with the Lord is still the most valuable thing I have today. "  
Want to know more about me just call the number above. 

​​Susan is originally from Ft Lauderdale FL .

Pastor Gary​​ West Valley 
"​Pastor Gary is ​also our hottest ​ wedding officiant "

​​This pastor has many talents since he came from the Corporate Health Insurance world. He was the voice for monthly Doctor, Laboratory and Hospital Provider Education seminars all over Arizona for the InsuranceCompany, for almost 20 years.

​​​Pastor Gary is
​also our hottest
​wedding officiant.
​He mixes up the
b​est hot sauce
​brew and salsa
​in the west and
​calls it
​Gary’s Hot Stuff.
​​He is a ​non-
​ordained Minister.
​Gary Performs
Baptizims  and
Funerals, offers
​communion, rope prayer ceremonies to His WeddingCeremonies.  ​​​​He is married and ​is theFather of
​three adult sons. Pastor Gary has been a resident of the Phoenix area for almost 25 years, hailing originally from Des Moines, Iowa.​​
Pastor Ken​ - East Valley
"The adventurous Wedding Officiant"​

Retired teacher, retired military.  Chaplain’s Assistant for 7 years including a tour in Iraq.
​ Musician, avid motorcycle rider.   He is a Non-Denominational ordained Minister.
​​He has officiated in unusual places, including on top of the ASU Butte, and horseback on South Mountain.
Ken is up to the challenge of performing ceremonies in unique and different locations. ​ 


Pastor Steve
 "Our executive Minister "​

​​Steve is a non-denominational ordained minister.  He is committed to performing your ceremony is a professional manner.

Welcome back to the valley of the sun ! - profile coming. ​​
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Minister Lora - East Valley
"Reverend Lora is the Cheerful Scholar and Wild Gardener Minister"

She has a B.A. in Communications from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa with almost two more degrees in Philosophy and Psychology.

She has been active almost her whole life in studying and exploring
​"The Meaning of Life" and comparing World Religions of all kinds --
Western, Eastern, Esoteric and Arcane.

Reverend Lora has respect for all the world religions and a wide diversity of lifestyles -- but feels lucky to have been born and raised in the Midwest for the combination of practicality, openness, honesty and attitude of gratitude it instilled in her.
Lora is friendly towards all faiths, lifestyles, beliefs and cultures.

Lora was a "Librarian" for over 20 years but has also been a Geneaologist, Private Investigator, Computer Technical Support Specialist, among other things.

Minister Lora has lived a semi-monastic and scholarly life in her wild garden and miniature nature preserve for over 20 years in the Gilbert-Chandler area.

Lora is a Non-Denominational Ordained Minister.